Studio Discovery

from a still life series, oil on gessoed rag, each image on 8″ x 10″ sheet, ca. 2003

Each day I unpack a few things in the studio before I start work. On Monday I found this group of paper paintings way in the back of one of the flat files. These were the latest of a series that started in the late 90s. The first set was shown at my second solo at M.B. Modern in New York. It was a boxed set titled Small Mysteries.  I’ll dig up an image and post it later.  From there came more, two boxed sets about Glenn Gould’s piano, one shown in an Institute-wide Faculty Drawing Show at Schafler Gallery at Pratt, the other now in a collection in New York.  These above were the beginning of an as yet unfinished new series about still life.  They are part of the aria that streams through my mind about Black & White and the miracles it releases.

The Ineffable, new photos on exhibit in Cleveland

A show of photos opened today at Tregoning & Company in Cleveland. Thoughtfully curated by Bill Tregoning and Laura Sherman, it exhibits some of my photographs taken over the last two years as I let the land be my muse.  Given that Earth Day is not far away, it feels fitting to have these on view now.

Photography is a area of continued conversation and discussion and engagement for me so my ideas about its power, it’s limits and its potential within a structure continue to be engaging.