Night at 4:30 PM

December Fireworks, 2018, Archival Digital Print

The Sun sets in the afternoon now. It is night at teatime now.  But, the Solstice is nearing and soon we shall pass that marker and know that the Sun will start to shine on us longer and longer each day. It is a time for celebration as we turn to the renewal of spring. Weeks, months to go of snow, sleet and cold but the promise of change must have been placed in us eons ago and given us hope.

Everywhere there is beauty in this quiet time. A certain bird, a surprising rock, a configuration of twigs and light and a building edge that seems almost glowing with rightness. It is a time of a drawing consciousness, too.  To draw is to connect to the first thought in the mind.  Much of what we see as lack and emptiness in today’s paintings and drawings is rooted in secondary source as the end product rather than the beginning of the trip. But, once engulfed with the possibilities of this most primal of forms a world opens that is like nothing else.

The world waits while we dither away on small stuff, waits for us to simply See.

The sun is sharp

Early December Sun, The Minotaur’s Shadow, 2018, Archival Digital Print

The sun gets sharp and the Minotaur can see his shadow. These are the waning days of the calendar year. No matter how harsh the weather there is a gentle quality here, something I didn’t know I missed or even yearned for, until I found it.

I watch our coarse president from Queens, his tawdry boorishness exuding from his orange face, creepy flat eyes, and always angry mouth. This is the face of what we have become.  God help us!

As the year turns, let us hope that the Minotaur returns to his labyrinth and a new gentleness returns to all.