The Supreme Court

Posted on July 1st 2022 by Catherine Redmond

Tree, 2022, Archival Digital Print

The Fourth of July weekend and it feels like we have less to celebrate as the Supreme Court turns women into chattel, objects with no power over their own bodies. The tree stands tall and elegant, far more sane than the humans who are trying to destroy themselves and the planet.


New Sun

Posted on June 30th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

First Light, 2022, Archival Digital Print

I saw this yesterday before 6 A.M. as I was turning onto Route 27 to head to the train. There was mist on the pond to the right and new sunlight touched each and every one of the staked vines.



Posted on June 16th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

Burdock, 2022, Archival Digital Print

Young Burdock, now isolated from his parents because his father will not accept a competing male, lives among the chickens and yearns for a wife.

The Arc of Deception

Posted on May 20th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

Morning Shadows, 2022, Archival Digital Print

The fiction of the on-line world originally seemed a field of play to me.

Here was the first arena of the imagination that could be shared globally.  It would be a playground of possibilities for poets, novelists, animators, artists.  I innocently imagined a playground where all the children could pretend and create as they wanted.  It would be my childhood mind gone global.  I had omitted the bullies and the hidden-under-the-rock ogres who also infest the child’s world.

So here we are with our minds stolen out from under us and now instead of creating we are all sucking at its teat and ingesting horror after horror of doubt, misinformation, unsubstantiated claims and slowly turning into wobbly, wild tribal people.



Lots of Water

Posted on April 29th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

Waterfall, Poughkeepsie, 2022, Archival Digital Print

The skies are forever open and water pours on us day after day. Better than the drought in the West.  I was able to get this view from the train last night as we were leaving the station in Poughkeepsie heading home.  All waterfalls make me think of Marsden Hartley’s waterfall.  This one is such a surprise coming as it does straight toward the tracks just north of town.


The Feral Boy

Posted on March 26th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

Demus Watching, 2022, Archival Digital Print

The feral boy, Demus, has fattened up this winter. He is as much a part of the land as are the Eastern Catalpas.



Posted on March 13th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

Blackbirds, March 2022 – SD 480p

Snow, Snow, Snow, Birds, Birds, Birds

Posted on March 13th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

Blackbirds, 2022, Archival Digital Print

Blackbirds rate among my most favorite: their silhouettes, their size, their song and seeing them in flocks on white snow is like nothing else.

The black-oiled sunflower seeds were the great attractor in this current snow.

There were seeds on the porch table, too, but that space belongs to the Juncos.

The Anniversary of January 6th

Posted on January 8th 2022 by Catherine Redmond

New Snow, 2022, Archival Digital Print

It’s hard to adjust this landscape with the events of January 6th.  That the land can be so miraculous, so welcoming and our politics can be so ugly and people so vile.


The Camera’s Moment

Posted on December 28th 2021 by Catherine Redmond

Dogs in Night Snow, 2021, Archival Digital Print

A brief snowfall last night during our last walk gave a Holiday Card Moment. The camera converts the flakes to darting sticks implying an experience of mean sleet rather than soft snow.  The reality was the sweet slow fall of soft flakes.  The marvel of the camera and its ability to create a different reality from fact effects so much in our world now.  It also points out in high relief how incapable viewers are of perceiving the difference.