Questions and Answers

Posted on March 19th 2020 by Catherine Redmond

Artist Snapshot: Catherine Redmond

Exploring the mind and habits of an artist in twenty-five questions.


Group Show

Posted on October 16th 2019 by Catherine Redmond

Zip File, 7 ½” x 5 ½”, Gouache on Rag

My work, two gouaches, will be included in the Pratt-in-Venice Anniversary Exhibition, a program where I ran the Painting Program for three summers.


Steuben Gallery, Steuben Hall, First Floor, Brooklyn Campus

October 21 – November 1, 2019


Good news! Faculty Development Award

Posted on March 22nd 2019 by Catherine Redmond

Tree with Seed Pod Swarm, 2019, Archival Digital Photo

I have been awarded a Faculty Development Grant from Pratt Institute for my photography. It is especially helpful when I am embarking on new work and have outdated equipment that must be replaced. This is one of the things that Pratt does for its faculty and I feel lucky to be benefitting from it this year.


A new folio of photographs

Posted on March 16th 2018 by Catherine Redmond

Wire, Snow, 2018, Archival Digital Print

A new folio, Drawn on Land, is here.  It is concerned with the minimal, not only which crosses and clouds drawing but also has expressive content that is not explicit.

Photo Show at Tregoning & Company, Cleveland, Extended

Posted on May 7th 2017 by Catherine Redmond



Installation of “Ineffable: The New Photographs of Catherine Redmond,” at Tregoning & Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Photos by David Brunner





















My show of recent photographs has been extended for one more month.  There is still an opportunity to see my new work in what is a beautifully installed exhibition curated by William Tregoning and Laura Sherman.

My Photo Show Opens at Tregoning & Company, Cleveland

Posted on April 7th 2017 by Catherine Redmond


Photography Show this Spring in Cleveland

Posted on February 10th 2017 by Catherine Redmond

Photos on Archival Rag

Photos on Archival Rag

A large show of my photographs is in planning and curation now.  More details soon.

My studio is finished

Posted on October 8th 2016 by Catherine Redmond

Studio Move-In Begun, October, 2016

Studio Move-In Begun, October, 2016

My studio is finished and the move-in has begun.  Soon the equipment will come out of storage and last, the paintings will come in. Two years wandering and finally a home.

This experience has been a cautionary tale about the challenges to an artist’s life, the New York City real estate frenzy, the purge of the creatives as the city sanitizes its neighborhood and scrubs them clean of talent that isn’t short-term profitable, and most important above all else, the kindness of friends.

I have experienced graciousness from so many throughout this period.  I will always remember these and the loving support offered.

New Studio moves closer to finish

Posted on August 23rd 2016 by Catherine Redmond

The New Studio

The New Studio

My new studio is near completion. This is a shot of it in June before the work began. It’s a solid cement block building with the lower floor built into the bedrock. The ceiling has been raised to the roof to add height and the walls are covered in Homosote as per my usual requirement. In effect the entire box is a tack wall. Homosote is a humble building material but there is nothing better for notes, drawings, photos, anything that you need to put up to see. You just need pushpins or a staple gun.

Flame Stitch

Posted on July 17th 2015 by Catherine Redmond

Flame Stitch

Flame Stitch, 2013, Oil on canvas, 14″ x 11″

Flame Stitch was acquired for a collection in Florence, Italy, this week.  It will look out into the beautiful world of the Tuscan landscape.