Pits to Plants

Avocado Starts, 2018, Archival Digital Print

Avocados have been tasting so good lately I’ve arranged to have one at every dinner. So the pits/potential plants are lining up. Yesterday I started them to sprouting. There is something about that plant in the window, the quality of the plant itself, the leaves, even the Scale they eventually contract that is pleasing to my eye.  Here’s to new life and the start of Spring!


New numbers on the Homestead

Six New Chicks, 2018, Archival Digital Print

This morning, six Rhode Island Red chicks joined the Homestead. They are so pretty and innocent with the smallest of peeps. They will live under warming lights indoors for six weeks until they have healthy plumage. Then to the henhouse behind the studio. I’m growing Calendulas from non-GMO seeds for them as well as other nice greens. They will be free range during the day and protected at night from the hungry Others. All are named Clara.


Still snow, sleet and cold, but the battle is almost over

Two Hens on a Morning Stroll, 2018, Archival Digital Print

It’s hard to pick out these two hefty girls whom I saw ambling across the road on Friday. It took me a while to get my camera out and by that time — Turkeys move fast when they want — they were already going into the bushes. They are big animals and very confident as birds go.

This shot was taken just up from my studio.  My studio sits right at a favorite crossing spot they use going from my side of the road across to my neighbor’s stand of pines where they like to sleep at night.  Probably it’s because the creek is there that it is the designated crossing spot for so many species.