The Remarkable

Yesterday, 6 PM, 2020, Archival Digital Photo

The changes we are experiencing during the pandemic will alter life going forward. Of course that’s the mantra and we’re tired of hearing it, but given how long we experience this virus and how long it will take even with a vaccine to make us safe, children will have been born and entering kindergarten who never knew anything else. Then, perhaps, given our destruction of the Earth, another new virus will emerge and all this will start again until the noxious primate called man is finally eradicated.

Our stupidity and greed have no bounds.  Look at the exemplar of this, the Resident Evil that sits in the White House and actually has ignorant cult followers who claim to be Christians.  We are the world turned upside down, our own created horror film, bad actors and all.  But even in that, the land, the patches that survive and thrive, remind us of the radiant beauty we share.   To live here is a gift, an honor and I am grateful.

The Gaze

Face on the Screen, 2020, Archival Digital Print

I was thinking of Bronzino’s portrait of a young man when I took this. It is actually a still from a short video, I had wanted to get my head turning but failed.  I like the gaze in all paintings and photographs. I’m always suspicious of people who won’t look you in the eye. It portends trouble. Not mere shyness but something hidden and rarely positive.


Testifying, 2020, Archival Digital Print

In watching these tech men as they deny their broad powers over our lives, I noted that  Zuckerberg is like Jared and Ivanka Kushner.  All three have that weird peeled skin. Their faces are seamless poured plastic, poreless, hairless and so smooth one expects they would be cold to the touch.


Into the Summer

Big Baby Social Distancing, 2020, Archival Digital Print

It is the Independence Day Weekend and we are in so much trouble the holiday feels particularly unkind in our bruised nation. The very significant Good is that the epiphany caused by the George Floyd murder.  It marks a hopeful change in consciousness which may lead to true changes and fairness. Perhaps that’s more important, more profoundly important than all the other entropic markers we witness now.


A Tornado of Events

Flowers from The Backyard, 2020, Archival Digital Print

The tornado of events continues. The murder of George Floyd was the catalyst for this evil stew set a’bubbling by the gouging out of our institutions and the Trump Administration’s utter inability to handle Covid-19 as any First World Country would have been expected to do.  Most of the way things are now, our systems, justice, education, health, labor, banking, have been built from the very beginning on racial injustice and abuse.  Black People knew this, but Whites kept their heads averted.  Until that video.

This is a pivotal moment and we must all work for change and demand that we bring about fairness for all.  We must vote in November but more than that we must make each other and our representatives accountable. These systems must begin anew, no patches, no re-forms, just total change from the ground up.

I am especially grateful to all the students over the years who have enlightened me, raised my conscience, fed my awareness, engaged with me in the most thoughtful conversations, and been patient with my ignorance. Thank you.


A Father

Zachariah, 2020, Archival Digital Photo

My proud Pilgrim Gander, Zach, has just fathered a son, Burdock. Pilgrim Geese are doting parents and Zach watches his boy attentively at all times. It is being able to know and observe these beings that balances the horror of the national scene I read about and the ugliness, from the Minnesota murder of a man whose crime was being Black, to the milestone of deaths from Covid-19 that we just passed.