The Drawing Line

Before the Rain, 2017, Archival Digital Print

Drawing outside yesterday I was marveling at the tools we have created for ourselves from the first human first noticed his capacity to create a line. Now the choice has expanded through so many tools, points, colors and effects but it hasn’t given a line any more meaning or power nor made the Art of Drawing any better. What power can invest a line in one person’s hand and not another’s.

The Trump Shove

Rain, Again, 2017, Archival Digital Print

As we see the video loop of President Trump churlishly push aside another NATO member so he can be front and center, many of us wonder what we have become that a person of so little decency is representing us. Is this the acting out of what the world has always believed to be America’s need to dominate, the raw, vicious and snarling alpha dog for whom everything is a contest?  As the skies darken I wonder how artists will address this consciously or unconsciously. Will we aim to create a more enlightened space in our work or show it as we see it now?

After the Show in Cleveland

Chair on the Porch, 5 P.M., 2017, Archival Digital Print

I am enjoying the quiet after my show at Tregoning & Company ended. It was extended until May 20th and I hope that many came to view these new works. I am especially grateful to Bill Tregoning and his Co-Curator, Laura Sherman, for their astute choices, beautiful installation and thorough and thoughtful professionalism in this project. Few artists have the pleasure to work with people like these on behalf of their work.  I look forward to our next project together.  If you missed the show, you can still contact the gallery or me and arrange to see it

Photo Show at Tregoning & Company, Cleveland, Extended



Installation of “Ineffable: The New Photographs of Catherine Redmond,” at Tregoning & Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Photos by David Brunner





















My show of recent photographs has been extended for one more month.  There is still an opportunity to see my new work in what is a beautifully installed exhibition curated by William Tregoning and Laura Sherman.