Photography’s Grand Place

Bridge in the Mist, 2019, Archival Digital Print

The magic and miracle of photography, the camera, the eye into reality, never fails to intrigue me. It introduces all the questions about reality, position, place, and the documentation of time that Painting can only hint at.

As I frequently address, all photographs by their nature are in our history, situated absolutely in the past. Photography automatically arouses nostalgia that painting cannot do without seeming maudlin, cloying or merely illustrative.  The photograph holds this unique place as no other art form can.  I wonder why this feature is so rarely addressed.


Layers of Place

Dog Waiting in the Car, 2018, Archival Digital Print

The layers of place appealed to me in this photograph, not only my private humor in the situation, but that where things are is so confusing.  I had taken some boxes from the house that I wanted to put into the back shed. I loaded them into the car and took Billy along. Once parked, I left him in the car while I opened the gate. He grew restless and annoyed and discovered that he could blow the horn. It recalled my impatient father when I was a teenager and taking too long to primp.

After the Show in Cleveland

Chair on the Porch, 5 P.M., 2017, Archival Digital Print

I am enjoying the quiet after my show at Tregoning & Company ended. It was extended until May 20th and I hope that many came to view these new works. I am especially grateful to Bill Tregoning and his Co-Curator, Laura Sherman, for their astute choices, beautiful installation and thorough and thoughtful professionalism in this project. Few artists have the pleasure to work with people like these on behalf of their work.  I look forward to our next project together.  If you missed the show, you can still contact the gallery or me and arrange to see it

Photo Show at Tregoning & Company, Cleveland, Extended



Installation of “Ineffable: The New Photographs of Catherine Redmond,” at Tregoning & Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Photos by David Brunner





















My show of recent photographs has been extended for one more month.  There is still an opportunity to see my new work in what is a beautifully installed exhibition curated by William Tregoning and Laura Sherman.

The Ineffable, new photos on exhibit in Cleveland

A show of photos opened today at Tregoning & Company in Cleveland. Thoughtfully curated by Bill Tregoning and Laura Sherman, it exhibits some of my photographs taken over the last two years as I let the land be my muse.  Given that Earth Day is not far away, it feels fitting to have these on view now.

Photography is a area of continued conversation and discussion and engagement for me so my ideas about its power, it’s limits and its potential within a structure continue to be engaging.