Trees and Air

Catherine Redmond, Parking Near the Station, New Jersey, 20″ x 16″ Archival Digital Print, 2011

It is the part of the summer when we settle into the dreams that have been waiting for us while we were busy doing other things.  Between painting and printing, I am lost in the studio and the surprise of the appearance of images and ideas I hadn’t expected nor could have consciously concocted.  Yesterday morning I was looking through some photographs and found these trees.

They looked so green to me I could almost smell the air they gave off.  It was taken as I stepped off a train in Red Bank, New Jersey. And this made me recall that I went through a period when all my dreams were about green.   I do love green and the lushness it brings, especially given the concrete that surrounds us.  Perhaps I’m being metaphorical.  I don’t know.


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