16″ and counting

March Snow, 2018, Archival Digital Print

Yesterday’s storm was unique for me in that the snow was slow and steady but there was no wind. The flakes were in no hurry to reach the ground and the blanket rose and rose steadily from the afternoon into the night. I had so many dreams last night!  I went to several places and met new characters.  Maybe the snow brought magic.  To wake up in a warm bed with all this white outside was delicious.  Each and every day is a new experience here.

Now I have a leak in the ceiling of the nerve center where my books and computers live.  The plumber has been called.  I’m a pro with leaks having had so many over the years of living in lofts and rolls of plastic always at the ready. I’m going to check on the studio now, but I have a new roof there so expect it to be fine.


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