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The AIPAD Photography Show, 4.12.2014

The AIPAD Photography Show, 4.12.2014

The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) puts on a show at The Park Avenue Armory that is an international education in visual thrill.  But exhausting, too, after about the third gallery my eyes were tired and my brain was too keyed up with ideas. It was the albumen prints, the salt prints, and other so-called “alternative”processes I am dumb about but which seduced me.  The softness of the tones, the warmth, the personal vision, there were so many that were present to see.  And the huge flashy digital stuff seemed obvious and boringly commercial to me.

I have never seen so many men with silver pony tails and leonine white flowing locks!  Fashion observation aside, it was a serious crowd and sales seemed very brisk.  It’s a treat to pay a small price at the door and get to see such commanding and unique work.


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