Hudson River Light

Cornfield, Late November, 2017, Archival Digital Print

The cornfield behind the homestead arcs now after it has been reduced to stubble. Here the herd of Deer roam foraging during the winter. The Hudson is directly ahead and the Catskills beyond. The effect of the river is profound on the light on the eastern side. It has inspired painters for over two hundred years.


Books A’ Plenty

Sagging Bookcase, 2017, Archival Digital Print

The marvels of bookcases! They hold our books of course, but memories, notes slipped between pages, ideas we forgot about, and trinkets and an occasional talisman we want to have near to touch and fondle. This bookcase was here in the house when I moved in. I assume it was constructed by the owner and never intended for a library like mine.

In my old place I had a hundred feet of bookshelves but ran out of space. Books were stacked everywhere. Now some are in my studio and in the house on the floor, in other rooms, and covering a wall in the guest bedroom upstairs.

Dark Season

Time Change, 2 P.M., 2017, Archival Digital Print

Rain was approaching so it was darker than usual, but even an hour makes a difference in our perception of time.  We know that Winter is just at the edge and moving toward us.  Last night a Coyote was so near the house, at first I thought it was a feral cat yowling.  He called and my female pup answered.  This back and forth, a plaintive duet, went on for hours as I tried to sleep. But, it gave me good dreams.