A Tornado of Events

Flowers from The Backyard, 2020, Archival Digital Print

The tornado of events continues. The murder of George Floyd was the catalyst for this evil stew set a’bubbling by the gouging out of our institutions and the Trump Administration’s utter inability to handle Covid-19 as any First World Country would have been expected to do.  Most of the way things are now, our systems, justice, education, health, labor, banking, have been built from the very beginning on racial injustice and abuse.  Black People knew this, but Whites kept their heads averted.  Until that video.

This is a pivotal moment and we must all work for change and demand that we bring about fairness for all.  We must vote in November but more than that we must make each other and our representatives accountable. These systems must begin anew, no patches, no re-forms, just total change from the ground up.

I am especially grateful to all the students over the years who have enlightened me, raised my conscience, fed my awareness, engaged with me in the most thoughtful conversations, and been patient with my ignorance. Thank you.