Cloud Stutter, 2017, Archival Digital Print

September and October bring high drama skies. But they also invite new sounds.  The night before, I arrived at the Homestead after dark.  It was warm, very warm, and the frogs and crickets were noisy. But the treat was the Great Horned Owl in the tree near the house calling to his answering mate. Bubo Virginianis has the reassuring Hoo, Hoo, a-HOO that we expect all owls to say. But it is his call alone and for me sounds timeless and haunting.

September Begins

At Rhinebeck, The Last Day of August, 2017, Archival Digital Print

In the safety of our perch above the Hudson River, we scour the news for some good news as the Deluge of the Millennium seems more Biblical than mere unfortunate bad turn in weather. What is it about this period that seems so much larger than life?