A Beautiful Tree, 2023, Archival Digital Print

There is nothing more to add here. The tree is perfection in front of me. A Red Maple, it sits beside the highway next to the Mexican restaurant down the road. No matter the season it is always beautiful.


A Weather Week

Walking back from the studio, 2023, Archival Digital Print

It was going to be a Spring Break, some good time in the studio uninterrupted, a simple and focused week. Instead, so far it has been week of weather, loss of power, a stuck car, too many emails, and complications from all of these things.  Today we have a thaw at least and the flock can get outside and do some picking and probing for goodies. I can proof these new plates and all my gripes will be forgotten.


Mother Moon

Garbage Cans Wait for Pickup in the Moonlight, 2022, Archival Digital Print

Even the plastic garbage cans look monumental in the November moonlight.

The heat of the day continued into the night and now

A strange November evening was aided by Mother Moon

Smiling on us,

Indifferent to our frettings,

Just happy to be a reflection of the Sun.


Random Musings in the Early Morning

Betty’s Two Icelandics at Sunset, Archival Digital Print, 2022

In the moist dark of 4 AM,

I wonder at the strangeness of thinking about the bomb and

Why are we obliterating ourselves?

How can we have handled the pandemic, which we knew for decades was an inevitability,

so poorly?

How can we be so divided as a nation?

that people even utter the words Civil War?

At what point

On what date

At exactly what time

Should we have swerved but didn’t?


The Arc of Deception

Morning Shadows, 2022, Archival Digital Print

The fiction of the on-line world originally seemed a field of play to me.

Here was the first arena of the imagination that could be shared globally.  It would be a playground of possibilities for poets, novelists, animators, artists.  I innocently imagined a playground where all the children could pretend and create as they wanted.  It would be my childhood mind gone global.  I had omitted the bullies and the hidden-under-the-rock ogres who also infest the child’s world.

So here we are with our minds stolen out from under us and now instead of creating we are all sucking at its teat and ingesting horror after horror of doubt, misinformation, unsubstantiated claims and slowly turning into wobbly, wild tribal people.



Lots of Water

Waterfall, Poughkeepsie, 2022, Archival Digital Print

The skies are forever open and water pours on us day after day. Better than the drought in the West.  I was able to get this view from the train last night as we were leaving the station in Poughkeepsie heading home.  All waterfalls make me think of Marsden Hartley’s waterfall.  This one is such a surprise coming as it does straight toward the tracks just north of town.