The Slow Advance of Fall

Nasturtiums in the Sun, 2019, Archival Digital Print

The nights this week have started to be cool. I’m starting to think about preparing the plant shed as I try to keep the annuals alive through the winter.  Some make it and some don’t.  It pleases me when they survive to bloom another year.  The Geraniums blossom all year around and nothing is nicer than walking into the shed in the dark of the winter and being greeted by pink and red Geranium blossoms, full of smiles and hope.

The Fall term begins next week and a new group of talented painters will begin their year of exploration and discovery.  It is yet another example of the built-in renewal and development of the creative force.  In a time of Trump’s darkness and evil it’s essential to be reminded that Life is always there.


The air has changed

Adolescent Turkeys, 2019, Archival Digital Print

The first whiff of Autumn came last week. Now in spite of the high temperatures and the violent thunderstorms and drenching rains on many nights, the summer’s end nudges at us.  Another sign is the young Turkeys who long ago fledged and are now long-necked and adolescent.  The flock is big.  Here are a few stragglers.  Their sibs already crossed the road and were safely hidden in the grasses.  These two had attitude and risked the on coming car.



Field of Sunflowers, 2019, Archival Digital Print

On Saturday I saw thirty acres of Sunflowers just coming into bloom.  I was reminded of the moving scene in the film Everything Is Illuminated when the three travelers find their destination.  She is an old woman living in a small house surrounded by blooming sunflowers.  How radiant is our world if we can See.


Some thoughts on a summer day

Beautiful Weeds, 2019, Archival Digital Print

Yet again, more innocents have been killed urged on in their ignorant racism by the Spawn of Satan in the Oval Office. The inaction of Congress continues, mute co-conspirators in this monstrous civil war.  It will continue.  It will grow worse.  More killings.  More people personally hurt forever.  More vulnerable and unhappy young men who haven’t a clue how to handle their personal troubles will find a support group out there on line who will urge them on, give them a target and promise fame.  Soon they will be offering seventy virgins.

What trouble we’re in.