Snow, Snow, Snow, Birds, Birds, Birds

Blackbirds, 2022, Archival Digital Print

Blackbirds rate among my most favorite: their silhouettes, their size, their song and seeing them in flocks on white snow is like nothing else.

The black-oiled sunflower seeds were the great attractor in this current snow.

There were seeds on the porch table, too, but that space belongs to the Juncos.

The Coming Storm

Expecting Show, 2021,Archival Digital Print, 2021

Suffused with longing for spring and yet an almost gasping consciousness of the spare beauty of deep winter.

Ours is a long season, longer and more expanded by the pandemic and isolation.

Longer and more shocking as memories of the Insurrection vomit up

On the clean snow

As we wait for more.





Right before the Snow Starts

Right before the Snow Starts, Archival Digital Print with Hand Coloring, 2021

That time when the clouds are full and the air smells of it

Every living thing knows that something is

about to happen,

The colors seem so full of themselves

I rush to get back to the house

The flock fed and


The house will feel

just right.

Drawing Photography Painting

Snow Drawing with Twig, 2019, Archival Digital Print

Snow Drawing with Twig, 2, 2019, Archival Digital Print


The two photographs are part of my continued interest in images which merge drawing, photography and painting into one seamless medium which emphasizes the experience of seeing over the experience of naming.

First Snow

Thinking of Southern Sung Painting, Archival Digital Print, 2018

Our first big snow and the roads were bedeviling last night.  I left town on an earlier train trying to get home before the worst of it hit.  But Amtrak is not reliable and we were stopped for forty minutes in the Bronx because of a stalled Metro North train ahead of us.  This is customary now.  Infrastructure deteriorates by the day and our politicians dawdle.

Once in Hudson and heading home, the white sheets of snow,  the winds, and the lack of any guide other than the midline studded strip, made for impressive conditions.  I missed the turn-off from 9H but was able to back up on the highway since no one was on the roads.  Turning off onto my country road it was worse, but the sight of a huge plow blinking red and white like a happy Christmas tree up ahead was a beacon and it guided me safely home.  After feeding everyone I fell into a deep and grateful sleep.

All worth it to be able to live in this paradise.

Thank you, Readers

Wire, Snow, 2018, Archival Digital Print

Thank you, Readers, for your kind emails and comments. You have been most generous. For those of you who have wondered about purchasing my photographs, just email me and we can make arrangements.

Wire, Snow continues my attraction to the minimal which reads like drawing. The winter is the time it is easiest to see these expressions on the land.  To my continuing surprise, every day brings something new to my eyes and senses.  I had set up this crude wire circle to protect the shoots that were starting to peek above the earth.  I wanted to keep the puppies from running over them.  Once the big snow came, it turned into another order of visual surprise.


16″ and counting

March Snow, 2018, Archival Digital Print

Yesterday’s storm was unique for me in that the snow was slow and steady but there was no wind. The flakes were in no hurry to reach the ground and the blanket rose and rose steadily from the afternoon into the night. I had so many dreams last night!  I went to several places and met new characters.  Maybe the snow brought magic.  To wake up in a warm bed with all this white outside was delicious.  Each and every day is a new experience here.

Now I have a leak in the ceiling of the nerve center where my books and computers live.  The plumber has been called.  I’m a pro with leaks having had so many over the years of living in lofts and rolls of plastic always at the ready. I’m going to check on the studio now, but I have a new roof there so expect it to be fine.



Thaw, Mist, Morning, March 4th, 2015, Archival Digital Print

Thaw, Mist, Morning, March 4th, 2015, Archival Digital Print

The only thing missing in this photo is the rooster crowing in the farm in the distance.  March is teasing us.  Today it is warmish, the snow is soppy, the air is full of moisture and 7 inches of snow is predicted for tomorrow.  This has been the most beautiful winter in recent memory simply because I’ve been able to reconnect with the Earth and her moods.

Snow Again

Snow Again, 2.3.14

Snow Again, 2.3.14

More snow and today it falls on the edge of being rain. Awful to traffic but so pleasant if you are inside, a cup of coffee and the pleasure of watching it come down. Nature is keeping us alert this season. Write you novel, give a surprise gift to your friend, make snowflakes, smile at your co-workers for a change, and be glad you are part of the grand plan.  The helicopters have returned to their nests and normalcy has returned to Midtown.  Happy Monday!

iPhone in the Storm, 2.3.14

iPhone in the Storm, 2.3.14