Another way

Landscape with Pattern, 2028, Archival Digital Print

I thought it would be a challenge to bring together a segment of a gouache and a photo. This is the first result that has started me nosing around to see what I can do.

It is often the unexpected door that opens in the studio.  We can choose to enter it or turn away. I’ve found that it is best to take up the invitation and now and then make a discovery. It isn’t inspiration as much as it is curiosity.

The Drawing Line

Before the Rain, 2017, Archival Digital Print

Drawing outside yesterday I was marveling at the tools we have created for ourselves from the first human first noticed his capacity to create a line. Now the choice has expanded through so many tools, points, colors and effects but it hasn’t given a line any more meaning or power nor made the Art of Drawing any better. What power can invest a line in one person’s hand and not another’s.

The Ineffable, new photos on exhibit in Cleveland

A show of photos opened today at Tregoning & Company in Cleveland. Thoughtfully curated by Bill Tregoning and Laura Sherman, it exhibits some of my photographs taken over the last two years as I let the land be my muse.  Given that Earth Day is not far away, it feels fitting to have these on view now.

Photography is a area of continued conversation and discussion and engagement for me so my ideas about its power, it’s limits and its potential within a structure continue to be engaging.